Kayfun Lite

Kayfun Lite
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Material: Stainless Steel
The material of the transparent body: Polycarbonate
Diameter: 22 mm
Connector Type: 510
Dimensions (not including connectors and mouthpiece) / weight / volume: 51,5 mm. / ~ 4.5 ml.
Weight (not including mouthpiece) with transparent window/ with metal window: 71 g. / 81 g.

Assembling Kayfun Lite

Kayfun Lite assembly occurs in the order in which the details are numbered:

Wick/coil assembly is installed.
Evaporation chamber (2) is screwed in atomizer base (1), then body (3), cover (4) and mouthpiece (5) are screwed onto each other.
Disassembly happens in the reverse order.

Filling e-liquid

Kayfun Lite filling can be done in two ways.

Method #1 («classic»)
- Unscrew the cap (4)
- Pour e-liquid into the space between the body (3) and vaporizing chamber (2)- Screw the cap back on

Method #2 (through the e-liquid dust hole)
- Turn Kayfun Lite mouthpiece down
- Unscrew (1l)
- Insert the nose of the bottle in the hole (1m)
– Fill the tank by squeezing the bottle. The air will escape from the tank into evaporation chamber through the same grooves (1h).
- Take out the nose of the bottle from the valve, screw (1l), turn Kayfun Lite mouthpiece up.

When refilling using method #1, it is important to consider that the tank is no longer air tight. This will enable the e-liquid to flow into the evaporation chamber through the grooves (1h).
When the cap is screwed back onto the device, this can also form a small amount of pressure which forces a bit of the e-liquid into the evaporation chamber.
Both effects can potentially add up to produce a small amount of flooding in the evaporation chamber.
This technique can take a bit of practice and should be conducted in a timely manner.

When refilling using method #2, it is important not to overfill the tank. Over filling the tank can produce flooding in the evaporation chamber.

A small amount of air must remain in the tank to allow the pressures of both the evaporation chamber and the tank to equalize during the inhalation process by way of the ducts.
It is recommended to leave approximately 2-3 mm of space at the top of the tank or end of the window during the refill process.

Excess of e-liquid can be removed from the Kayfun Lite this way: turn Kayfun-min mouthpiece down; put a napkin under mouthpiece, blow Kayfun Lite through the air intake (1b) – the excess of e-liquid from evaporation chamber will flow out through the mouthpiece to the napkin.

Before operating Kayfun Lite

After assembling the coil, evaporation chamber and collector-tank it is recommended to check atomizer resistance.
Resistance should be measured between the screw (1g) and the body (1a).
You should fix detected short circuits before you start using the atomizer on battery mod.

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